St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

The First Sunday After Epiphany, January 10th, 2105

This coming Sunday we commence the observation of the 75th year of the founding of St. Edmund’s Parish, concluding our celebrations next Feast of St. Edmund November 20th.

Trumpeter Marissa Benedict will join the Edmund Organ and Choir. We will bless a Narthex plaque listing the Rectors who have served St. Edmund’s at the beginning of our Liturgy, and a delightful reception in the Parish Hall will follow worship.

Wishing you a Joyous and Faith-filled 75th Anniversary Year!

Parish Breakfast this coming Sunday 9am. $6 advance registration, $3 children, $7 at door. Pre-register with

Seasonal Fruit
A Nutritious Tahoe Brunch

Happy New Year, men of the parish! You behaved yourselves so well at breakfast in 2015 that Hal and Marguerite Hennacy have invited us back for another year. 6:30am is the time on Tuesday, January 12. Politics….Parish….Bible….World events: nothing escapes our attention in conversation around the table. Invite a friend; we buy breakfast the first time you join us! RSVP the Hennacy’s at 792-1882.

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