St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

Youngblood Show at Crowell Library

“Patterns in Passing,” an exhibition of photographs by parishioner Bill Youngblood, is showing at the Crowell Public Library through February 12.

Bill Youngblood studied with Ansel Adams, Arnold Newman, Julius Schulman and Ruth Berhard, helping to set his compass for three decades of professional photography. “While my daily assignments focus on illustrating the stories of people in the corporate, academic and non-for-profit setting, this exhibition draws the viewer’s attention to those oft-missed patterns and details we all walk by that are rich in form, texture and graphic serendipity,” Bill told Mitch Lehman of the San Marino Tribune.

Bill has acted as visual chronologist for the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles on many occasions, and for several of our most significant Diocesan parishes. Clergy always look better through his lens than in the full light of day.

Bill’s work is on view in library’s Crain Art Gallery.

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