St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino


Thank you to everyone who sent in your 2019 pledges! We are now able to begin preparing our budget for next year. For those who have not sent in your pledge, or who may have misplaced the form, it is not too late! Please do so as soon as possible.
If mailing, please use the P.O. Box address:
P.O. Box 80038
San Marino, CA 91118
If you have any questions, please contact Brian Spaulding or Gail Rolfe

To date we have received pledges totaling $291,400 towards our goal of $360,000. The average increase so far has been 10.93% which is very encouraging.
Thank you to the following parishioners whose
pledges have been received:

Frank Arnall & Kathy Gross
Joel & Ann Athey
Peter Brockett & Laureen Chang
Beverly Brown
Linda Chang
Betsy Crockett
Jeff & Liz Dixon
Bill Doggett
Sara Edwards
Ellen Eidson
Dave & Carrie Ford
Bill & Sally Francis
Mary Beth Grannell
Robert & Deirdre Grimm
Jose & Veronica Guerrero
Chuck & Mimi Hanzel
Mike & Karen Harrigian
Ron & Michelle Harrington
Don & Linda Harris
Charles & Jan Haupt
Bruce & Susan Heard
Judith Heffron
Hal & Marguerite Hennacy
Helen Henrickson
Bob & Anne Herold
Barbara Heublein
Amy & Holly Hulick
Natalia Huryn
Danny & Darcelia Jones
Patricia Laybourn & Gretchen Alspach
Jim & Pollie Longthorne
Andy & Angela Mar
John & Cathy McCourt
Ed & Diane McCracken
John & Carlene Miller
Alfred Mordecai
Victoria Mordecai
Jeff & Eli Moreton
Robert & Johanne Mueller
Armando & Reyna Palapa
James & Shawna Phelan
Sallie Pritchard
John & Julie Quinn
Bob & Pam Risinger
Stephen & Gail Rolfe
Lawrence & Cynthia Schulte
Kimberly Schugart
Janet Sebenius
George & Carolyn Seitz
Nathaniel Smith
Kevin & Shannon Snaer
Brian & Debra Spaulding
Patricia Specht
Alan & Millie Steinbrecher
Kevin & Kathryn Sweeney
Don & Lauragene Swenson
Brad & Patty Thurlow
Sterling Trenberth & Fernando Urena
Brian & Sheree Tyler
Bill & Linan Ukropina
Denise Wadsworth
George Woodward
Bob & Deborah Wycoff
Billie Youngblood-Knolle
Charlie Youngblood
As the year is coming to a close, please remember to fulfill any commitments you made to the Next 75 Initiative for either unrestricted gifts or gifts to the endowment for the 2018 year. Please note on the Memo line of your check whether the check is for a “Next 75 Unrestricted Gift” or a “Next 75 Endowment Gift”. If you need a reminder about the amount of your commitment, please contact Gail Rolfe, Treasurer, at Please have all checks sent to our post office box. Thank you!