St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino


Below is a letter of appreciation from Healing Hearts across Borders

I am writing in my capacity as President of a non-profit group entitled Healing Hearts Across Borders. Our charity provides free medical care to two very poor areas of Tijuana, Mexico: Colonia Obrera, located at the Tijuana landfill, and Colonia Grupo de Mexico. The Healing Hearts Across Borders team has continued to grow in the past 5 years, and now consists typically of up to 10 physicians in several medical specialties, 2 dentists, a clinical psychologist, pharmacy, diagnostic laboratory service, physical therapy, and an extensive support staff that provides registration, translators, supervised child care during clinic hours, medical record keeping, as well as distribution of food and clothing donations.

St. Edmund’s has collaborated with HHAB for many years. Our founder, Dr. Kevin Lake and his spouse, Dr. Suzanne Lake, were longtime members of St. Edmund’s. I am writing primarily to thank you all and to acknowledge the support that St. Edmund’s and its parishioners have provided us. Donation drives have been a frequent aspect of this support, and these drives have allowed us to provide health care and supplies to many hundreds of impoverished men, women and children of Tijuana, Mexico. The church has also allowed us to use the parking lot for our volunteers during our 3-day trips. The rented bus that we use to transport our volunteers from the Los Angeles area to Mexico meets them at St. Edmund’s, and they are allowed to park in your lot during the trip. During the past five years particularly, these efforts have been spearheaded by two of your parishioners, Pamela Risinger and Anne Herold. I wish to recognize and congratulate them both and to express our gratitude for their outstanding and tireless efforts on our behalf. Healing Hearts looks forward to many more years of successful interaction with St. Edmund’s Episcopal.

David Rose,
Ph.D. President, Healing Hearts Across Border