St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

THE RECTOR’S CROSS 2017 – Ms. Sylvia Smythe

The Rector’s Cross (a lapel pin for men and a necklace for women) is comprised of the Crown of St. Edmund in white gold on a small gold Cross, awarded annually by the Rector for distinguished service to St. Edmund’s Parish.

Ms. Sylvia Smythe re-invigorated our Edmund Bell Choir in 2009, adding ranks and members to this fine component of parish musical offerings. In 2013 she initiated the Wolf Pack women’s book-club. She has served on Vestry since 2014 and as Senior Warden since 2016, extending her term as Senior Warden through 2017. As we all know, Sylvia does and is much more among us than this small summary!

She is married to the Reverend Canon Colville Smythe, and enjoys travel when her many commitments permit.