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Good Works Partnerships News

Hillsides Christmas In-gathering:

St. Edmund’s has once again signed up to help the children of Hillsides have a fun Christmas morning–but this year we have a new twist. As in the past, we will have name tags with individual children’s gift wishes on them available this coming Sunday.

If you see one that you would like to provide, you can return the UNWRAPPED gift with the name tag to the church by Sunday, Dec. 13. The new option is to participate in the Stocking Stuffer program which allows Hillsides to deliver a stocking from Santa to each of their residential students on Christmas morning. The children of our Sunday School are decorating some stockings for us to fill; the list of suggested stocking stuffers, which will be included on an insert in this coming Sunday’s bulletin.

Please note that Hillsides suggests stuffers be purchased in groups of either 6 or 10 (so that each residential group receives essentially the same stocking stuffers). Check out the list and next time you are at Target or the Dollar Store, see what you might find! If you have any questions, feel free to ask any member of the Good Works Partners Committee: Gail Rolfe, Debra Spaulding, Michael Way, Veronica Guerrero and Kelsey Burgess.

Service Sunday, Dec. 6

Our last Service Sunday for 2015 will be on Dec. 6. We will be preparing plates of Christmas cookies and decorating small topiary Christmas trees to be delivered to our more home-bound parishioners. If you can provide a dozen cookies that morning and/or you have a parishioner you think would appreciate receiving this gift from the parish, please let Gail Rolfe know. But either way, plan to join us on the Close or in Fellows Hall (weather-determined) after the service on Dec. 6!