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Thank You for Supporting Healing Hearts Across Borders

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The program has so much to be thankful for, Saint Edmunds collected many dollars from the following donors to allow new toys to be purchased at Costco in Tijuana for the children at the 3 dump sites they go to four times a year to bring medical and dental assistance to the very neediest of families.

Cash Donors:

Robert Dini
Walter Norton
Pam Risinger
Anne Herold
Brian Tyler
Mona Carter
Mimi Hanzel
Veronica Guerrero
James Longthorne
Gail Rolfe
Suzanne Lake
Mark & Anne Masters
Sylvia & Colville Smythe

Thank you to those who donated stocking stuffers.  They are so needed and appreciated.

We thank Laureen Chang for the continued connection to donations from National Charity League of clothes.

Again continued thanks to Denise Wadsworth and Richie Blair for transporting donations to National City so they can be brought across the border to our sites.

St Edmunds is a loving a giving church who has helped make a difference to many families and children in our neighboring country who have so little and yet shine with optimism and gratefulness.

May you all have a blessed Christmas knowing that you are giving and loving and helping others.

Anne Herold and Pam Risinger