St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

Easter Sunday: The Feast of the Resurrection, April 5th, 2015

Holy Week guides us through appropriate solemnity preceding Easter Joy. Sundered from the terror of Jesus’ final journey to the Cross, Easter reduces to a Spring frolic.

“For us and for our salvation”
Christ endured the death which comes to all mortal flesh, and which came to our Lord with particular brutality.

In the Son of Man, all human suffering and frailty was taken into God, and God was revealed as One allied with us in matters great and small. On Easter Day we rejoice that God was further revealed as One who will effect our resurrection, even as resurrection quickened Christ Jesus.

That is quite a breath-taking promise, and something to make ready for in prayer and meditation this week, for which Maundy Thursday and Good Friday liturgies are provided.

We ended up with something like nine Acolytes for Palm Sunday (two adults), and the Feast of the Resurrection is Acolyte subscribed. Our young folk care so well for our parish, and they honor us in tending to worship as they do. Thank an Acolyte or two Easter Day!

That Day of Days is meant for hard-won post-Lenten giddiness and the above mentioned Spring frolic; it’s just that we want celebration pushing sprout-like from the earth of grounded souls. After our 10am Liturgy forty doves will fly sky-ward, and our children will clamber after colored eggs and pummel a couple of piñatas. Bring cameras and glad hearts!

In Christos,

Parenting Class will meet April 12 and 26 and May 10 and 24. We are reading (still) Brainstorm by Daniel Siegel.

SAN MARINO, CALIFORNIA: Director of Youth Ministries for St. Edmund’s Episcopal Church. Full-time experienced and enthusiastic lay person sought to develop all dimensions of parish formation for children and youth. More information may be found at the parish web-page or by contacting contact Search Chair, Sylvia Smythe.

Making Palm Sunday Crosses
Naty Valles with granddaughters Cecy and Leah, Billie Youngblood and Mary Beth Grannell, Marguerite Hennacy, Diane McCracken (Guild Chair) with Louise Crockett (our longest-lived parishioner at 105!), and Cheryl Mendoza with Louise make hundreds of Palm Crosses last Saturday in preparation for Passion Sunday!
Palm Sunday 2015
Palm Sunday 2015

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