St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino



April 18th, 2024–6:30 Reception, 7pm Main Event

On Thursday April 18th at 7pm in the church INSPIRING VOICES (our speakers series inspired by parishioner Sara Edwards in honor of her mother parishioner Jeane Edwards) will be welcoming Dr. Lucy Jones!  Dr. Jones is the founder and chief scientist of the nonprofit Dr. Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society, which supports the application of science in the creation of more resilient communities. Among her many accomplishments, Dr. Jones has served as Science Advisor for Seismic Safety for the Mayor of Los Angeles and has been for many of us the face and voice of clarity during our So Cal earthquake events.  Dr. Jones is also a local resident and an Episcopalian.

She is the author of The Big Ones: How natural disasters have shaped us (and what we can do about them).  In 2020, she launched the podcast, Getting Through It, with co-host John Bwarie. She is also a musician, performing on the viol with Los Angeles Baroque and SoCal Viols.

She created and now leads a project to engage climate scientists, social scientists and musicians in creating music that will inspire action on the climate crisis called Tempo: Music for Climate Action.

Dr. Jones was recently named one of USA Today’s “Women of the Year”– a recognition of women who have made a significant impact in their communities and across the country.  She was the only woman in California to receive the honor.

We hope you will join the short reception beforehand at 6:30pm on the close, and be there to welcome Dr. Jones to St. Edmund’s at 7pm.