St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

The 75th Annual Meeting of the Parish 1/31

Sunday January 31st

The 75th Annual Meeting of St. Edmund’s Parish will be held in the Church immediately following dismissal from worship on January 31st.

Outgoing Vestry Members Honored

Gail Rolfe
Carolyn Seitz; Junior Warden
Alan Steinbrecher; Senior Warden
Bill Youngblood

Vestry Candidates

Nancy Dini
Michael Harrigian
Steve Rolfe
Robert Wycoff

Candidates to 151st Diocesan Convention of the Church in the Diocese of Los Angeles

at which the next Bishop of Los Angeles will be elected

Michelle Harrington
Cheryl Mendoza
Gary Mendoza
Sylvia Smythe

Alternates to Diocesan Convention

Volunteer candidates, kindly contact the Rector