St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

PENTECOST TWENTY | Liturgy & Music

October 29th, 2017

Preacher and Celebrant:
The Right Reverend Diane Jardine Bruce

Concelebrants: Canon Heffron, Canon Smythe and Canon Woodward

Prelude: ‘Maestoso’ – G.F. Handal
‘The Bishop’s Fanfare
– Francis Jackson

Processional: #362 “Holy, Holy, Holy”

Gloria Hymn: #525 “The Church’s One Foundation”
verse one only

Gradual Hymn: #455 “O Love Of God, How Strong, How True”

Offertory: “O Spirit All Embracing” – Richard Proulx

O Spirit, all-embracing and counselor all-wise,
Unbounded splendor gracing a shoreless sea of skies:
Unfailing is your treasure, unfading your reward;
Surpassing worldly pleasure, the riches you afford.
Come, stream of endless flowing, and rescue us from death;
Come, wind of springtime blowing, and warm us by your breath.

O Beauty, ever-blazing in flower, field and face,
You show yourself amazing in unexpected place.
We see you and remember what once our dreams had been;
You fan the glowing ember and kindle hope within.
Come, fire of glory gracious, bless all who trust in you;
Undying flame tenacious, burn in your church anew.

Come, passion’s power holy, your insight here impart,
And give your servants lowly an understanding heart
To know your care more clearly when faith and love are tried,
To seek you more sincerely when false ideals have died:
For vision we implore you, for wisdom’s pure delight;
In prayer we come before you to wait upon your light.

Text: Delores Dufner (2001)

Communion Music: “Tierce en Taille” – Nicholas DeGrigny

Communion: #51 “We The Lord’s People”

Recessional Hymn: #473 “Lift High The Cross”

Postlude: “Tocatta” – Gaston Bellier