St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

PENTECOST EIGHTEEN, October 8th, 2017

Another slaughter. Another grim repetition of well-choreographed political posturing. More slaughter, in consequence, forthcoming.

Your prayers are asked for the substitute teacher at St. Edmund’s Nursery School, who took Friday off to travel to Las Vegas for the ill fated country-music concert, becoming one of the shooter’s victims. She was in surgery Monday morning, and further news of her condition is not known.

This coming Sunday is an especially important time for the parish to gather as we offer gratitude to Darlene Porter as our out-going Head of School, and as we install Liz Westphal as our Fourth Nursery School Director.

We create a safe environment for the formation of our youngest children at St. Edmund’s. Our joy in that accomplishment will prevail despite the grim intrusion of events in Las Vegas, and we will also remember the dead and wounded at God’s Altar.

Some days cause me to hope the doctrine of hell and everlasting perdition signify a firm reality for those who give themselves to wilfull mayhem and destruction. This was one of those days.

Anglican Primates and our Presiding Bishop send condolence and call to action from Canterbury, where they are meeting for the Lambeth Conference of Anglican prelates HERE.


Men’s Breakfast at the Hennacy Home 6:30amTuesday October 10th with the Rector. Please RSVP to Marguerite and Hal at 792.1882

Congratulations to Haley and Andrew Boaz (and little Madeline) on the new addition to their family, baby Elsie Anne Boaz!

The Lessons at 8am for Pentecost Eighteen (Track Two), October 8th, 2017 HERE
The lessons for 10am are altered for our Installation Liturgy

Prayers continue for Cheryl and Gary Mendoza, both recovering from serious surgeries in Orlando, Florida.

Please join us for a luncheon on Sunday, October 29th as celebrate those Confirmed and Received into the Episcopal Church, the Visitation of our Bishop Suffragan Diane Bruce, and as we say goodbye to one of the Church’s quite amazing priest’s. October 29th will be Canon Smythe’s final Sunday at St. Edmund’s following nine years of parish service. We will have a Taco Cart generously underwritten by Brian & Sheree Tyler!

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