St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

Pentacost Twenty-Three, November 16, 2014

Remember in your prayers this week our Veterans, all of whom have served this nation at considerable personal cost.

For our more recent veterans, reintegration into civilian life has offered particular challenge. Our nation as a whole stays at some emotional remove from the murk of contemporary warfare. We would do well to provide more certain social services to veterans when needed, and to advocate for employment opportunity in the course of honoring their service.

Prayer can train us toward right action, and is most efficacious when we join ourselves to the prayers we offer:

Almighty God, grant our veterans from times past eternal rest, and our recent veterans a sense of duty well-done. May those bent by the weight of service or conflict know restoration, and may this nation honor their efforts in the ways it smooths and enables their return. For those standing well, may they know our gratitude; for where there is injustice, our veterans leave us free to fight, free to speak, and free to resist in the Faith to which we have been called. Through Christ we pray. Amen.


Enjoy last week’s wonderful Choir and Cello Anthem on You Tube!

The Positive Effects of Sad Music.

Perhaps in service to the obvious, home-cooked meals are thought to be best!

Love and care for another, and calm them down considerably.

Christmas Pageant Choir Practice: 9:25am
Chili Brunch: 11:30am Fellows Hall
Child Advocacy Committee: 1pm
Deanery Pre-Convention Assembly: 3pm (Church of the Ascension)
Parenting Class: 7pm Library

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