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St. Edmund's Digital Outreach and Discipleship Project: Continuing, Improving, and Expanding Our Presence in the Community

Live from St. Edmund’s: Meeting Today’s Challenges by Matching for Tomorrow’s Demands

Join our Match campaign April 18th –May 16th

St. Edmund's Digital Outreach and Discipleship Project: Continuing, Improving, and Expanding Our Presence in the Community

Help St. Edmund’s improve the sound in the church! AND Help St. Edmund’s improve its online presence and reach into the community!

As outlined in April’s Magna Carta (If you didn’t get a copy contact Isabel in the office and we will get one to you!), we have put together a plan to address two very important issues that will affect our ministry in the future. Improving our sound in the church has been an important goal, and streaming our online services in real time with real quality has become a  new goal as a way to keep our presence strong in the community.  As many churches like St. Edmund’s have found, online attendance has been fruitful, meaningful and in some cases has surpassed expectations.  While nothing will ever replace being in-person together, online worship is an important addition to the Church’s ministry going forward.

GREAT NEWS! A very generous anonymous donor has put forth up to $35K to meet our goal of $70K in order to make these improvements! This is a match campaign—meaning that for every dollar given it will be matched.

WE ARE ALMOST THERE!  Because of  enthusiasm already generated,  many have already given to this campaign before we have officially started!   We now only need to raise $13,000 in order to meet our goal and we have 30 days to secure your commitment to participate.

“There is no minimum size gift and we want to maximize participation.  If everyone participates at whatever your comfort level is, we can do this!   Payments can be made from now through August 15.  (See back for details).

We invite you to please join in this campaign so that we can meet this aspect of our ever growing mission of  Continuing, Improving and Expanding St. Edmund’s  presence in the community!

Digital Outreach and Discipleship Ministry Commitment Form

Our matching gift donor will match all commitments received by May 15.  You may send your gift now or send it in payments as indicated below.  This online commitment form will be automatically delivered to our Treasurer at Credit card payments may be made on our Giving Page and checks can be mailed directly to the Church with a notation on the check for the “Digital Project”.  If you have any questions about your gift, please contact our treasurer at the same email.  Remember, no gift is too small and every gift expresses your support for this new ministry.

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