St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

It’s 2021 Summer Social Time

The pandemic continues to improve and with continued good numbers, we will plan a slightly modified version of our summer socials.
First, if all goes well, we will host outdoor dinners, brunches, luncheons, teas and club events. These will be limited to 6-8 people, including the hosts. Masks are requested when not eating and drinking and safe- distancing is required We hope all adults have been vaccinated to keep our congregation and youth Covid-free.
Secondly, we will be happy to arrange Zoom socials, as was successfully done last year, if any parishioners which to offer to host. Debra Spaulding’s lavender presentation, Tori Mordecai’s Pilates/wine-tasting, Sara Edward’s Valley Hunt Club wine tasting, Brian Tyler’s interesting St. Edmund’s history presentations and Cynthia Woodman’s cooking classes, were only five of the hits of last summer.
We hope before the end of the season we will be able to all join on the Close for our annual family potluck.
The socials will begin mid-June and end the beginning of September. We miss our church family and hope many of you can participate.
Look for an invitation coming soon with information on how to sign up to attend as well as host a social!