St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino


68a57e41-4308-4fcf-b4f3-9517459a3753Thanks to many very generous members of the St. Edmunds’ Church and the support of the clergy, I have finished my Girl Scout Gold Project! You were all amazing, adopting many children with a back pack and school supplies, bringing supplies and packs to church. All your donations helped get more back packs and supplies.. Fifty pack packs were filled to the brim with supplies were given out at the two dump sites that Healing Hearts Across the Border services 4 times a year. We also had 77 baggies with some supplies and balls to give to those that did not get a back pack.
My project included developing activities both learning and fun to keep the children busy while their family waited in lines to see the Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists.
I taught the children how to brush their teeth and gave them a sheet illustrating in Spanish. They all received tooth brushes and tooth past. Seeing the wonderful dentist at work with the cases of supplies still in use from St Edmund’s donation in April. Dr. Turner again expressed his thanks to all who got donations from their dentist who donated cases to get supplies or brought bags of supplies to church.

This project meant so much to me. The happy children were so special. I have learned to be able to present to groups about HHAB while gaining new confidence in my abilities. I intend to keep helping collect school supplies for each August trip.
I had such support from my school, fellow scouts, and complete strangers. Here are the names of St. Edmunds donors (so sorry if I left out some) Darcy-Wilson Jones, Marguerite Hennacy, Laureen Chang Anne Herold, Brian Tyler, Mimi Hanzel, Debra Spaulding, Diane McCracken, Robin Peri, Cheryl Mendosa,, Betsy & Louise Crockett. I love you all for your help to make so many children be happy and better prepared for school. The HHAB staff and parents were also so appreciative.
Janice Palapas, Gold Girl Scout

(more photos on the Parish FB page!)