To receive and share God’s accepting Grace, challenging Wisdom and transforming Love


Mark your calendars for these upcoming events

November 28: Bible Study on Jonah
November 29: HHAB Trip to Tijuana
November 30: Target deadline for receipt of 2019 pledges

December 2: Father Bill Preaching
December 2: Craft Fair & Goat Yoga
December 2: Youth Group
December 4: Volunteer Lunch
December 4: SENS Board Christmas Celebration
December 7: Scrip Order Forms Due
December 9: Cereal Collection
December 9: Mother Judy Preaching
December 9: Parish Breakfast
December 9: Festival of Lessons & Carols
December 16: Christmas Pageant
December 23: Rev. Heather Preaching
December 24: Family Christmas Service & Christmas Pyramid Display
December 24: Christmas Eve Service
December 25: Christmas Mass
December 26 – January 1: Office Closed
December 30: Father Bill Preaching