St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino


Nearly fifty parishioners met on Saturday, June 16th, to share their memories and tell stories about St. Edmund’s, beginning as early as the first service in the Main Sanctuary in 1952. The session was facilitated by Reverend Tom Quijada-Discavage of the Diocese of Los Angeles, who broke down the more than 75 years of our history by the terms of the parish rectors. Each period was discussed in the context of what was happening in the world, in San Marino and the surrounding area during that time. For instance, the remarkable growth of the parish from its founding in 1941 through the 1960’s coincided with the influx of people into the area during and after World War II, followed by the “Baby Boom” after 1946. In this way the reasons behind various parish milestones – building construction, new programs, the Nursery School – were explained. The session concluded with a discussion of Father George’s tenure, our current situation and some of our hopes for the future. The discussion was greatly facilitated by the excellent timeline in Fellows Hall which has been left up; parishioners are encouraged to take a few minutes to review the many historical documents and photographs included there.