St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino


“Change is the only constant,” said Heraclitus a long while ago. His adage remains apt. The last year has brought sufficient change in my life to have offered more than one existential jolt. Even the conclusion this month of ten years as VP for Cristosal requires a bit of unsettling reconfiguration.

Our Parish has enjoyed the presence and leadership of Ms. Darlene Porter as Head of School since 2005, and I have found her as amiable as she is able, and a fine colleague and friend.

New iterations in her personal peregrination open for Darlene with her decision to retire from St. Edmund’s Nursery School. I am enormously reassured that she is committed to assisting us through our transition in all ways we may require. Our successful school very much bears her stamp, and she is insistent that we stride forward to yet greater success.

Our Search Committee Chair Diane McCracken and her Team are putting the finishing touches on our Job Description, and collaboration with Ms. Serena Beeks, Head of the Commission on Episcopal Schools for the Diocese of Los Angeles, begins in earnest next week.

Hold Darlene Porter, our excellent teaching Staff, our wonderful school families, and the Search Committee in your prayers these next months.
Blessed Last Epiphany,

The appointed lessons for February 26th, 2017, the Last Sunday in Epiphany, the Feast of the Transfiguration, may be found HERE. Note, our guest preacher may change one or more of the readings, so kindly check with Isabel if you are a Lector

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VERGER’S LUNCH 12:30pm Sunday February 19th at Canoe House: Cheryl and Gary Mendoza, Linda and Don Harris, Anne and Robert Herold, Heather
Bartolome/Blackstone, Antonio and Alipio Bartolome, Gail Rolfe, Jim Longthorne, Julie and John Quinn, Angela and Andy Mar, Cynthia and Larry Schulte, Brian Tyler, Michelle and Ron Harrington, Karen and Mike Harrigian, Verger Faught, Canon Woodward