St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino



We’ve had some inquiries about “changes” at the church, particularly with respect to the service and our Sunday bulletin. Fr. Bill will be addressing some of the changes and the reasons behind them in the upcoming Magna Carta, expected to be delivered around Sept 30th.

A few questions have come up about things that do not actually represent changes, however. We will address some of them here.

Q: Are we still using the Prayers of the People written by Fr. George?
A: Yes. No change.

Q: Why did Fr. Bill introduce periods of silence?
A: The periods of silence have always been indicated in the bulletin; they are now being observed more distinctly.

Q: Are the periods of silence different in length and why?
A: They are the same length.

Q: Why is there a period of silence after the Old Testament reading but not the New Testament reading?
A: That is the way the bulletin has traditionally indicated them; there is no change here and also no knowledge of how the two periods were originally selected.

If you have more questions, do let us know! The fact that we are “in transition” may be leading to more acute observations of the service and bulletin, and we can all learn from the questions about changes–real or not!

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