St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

EASTERTIDE, The Third Sunday in Easter | Liturgy & Music

April 15th

Preacher and Celebrant: Canon Woodward+
Concelebrant: Canon Heffron+

Prelude: “Prelude in E-Flat”
– Alexander Guilmant

Processional #483 “The Head That Once Was Crowned With Thorns”

Gradual #205 “Good Christians All Rejoice”

Offertory “All For Jesus”
– Thomas Bell

All for Jesus, this our song shall ever be;
For we have no hope, nor Savior, If we have no hope in Thee.
All for Jesus at Thine altar Thou wilt give us sweet content;
There, dear Lord, we shall receive Thee in the solemn sacrament.
All for Jesus Thou wilt give us strength to serve Thee, hour by hour.
None can move us from Thy presence, While we trust Thy love and power.
All for Jesus Thou hast loved us; All for Jesus Thou hast died:
All for Jesus Thou art with us, All for Jesus crucified.
All for Jesus-this the church’s song must be;
Till, at last, we all are gathered one in love and one in Thee.
Text by the Reverend W. J. Sparrow-Simpson (1887)

Communion Music: “Jesus, Lead Thou Me On”
– Paul Manz

Communion #305 “Come, Risen Lord, And Deign To Be Our Guest”

Recessional #212 “Awake, Arise, Lift Up Your Voice”

Postlude: “Praise The Lord, All Ye Christian Folk”
– J.S. Bach