St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino


 At the 76th Annual Meeting of the Church in San Marino, we elected the Vestry Class of 2020: Robert Packer, Dr. Larry Schulte, Jennifer Sherry, and Dr. Kevin Snaer.

Our current Vestry, pictured above (Left to Right) are Amy Hulick, Michael Harrigian, Brad Thurlow, Steve Rolfe, Nancy Dini, Larry Schulte, Kevin Snaer, Jennifer Sherry, Bob Mueller, and Bob Wycoff. (not pictured: Danny Jones, Bob Packer, Sylvia Smythe).

The Rector announced that Sylvia Smythe will continue to serve as Senior Warden through 2017.

Annual Meeting also elected four to serve as Delegates to the 122nd Convention of the Church in the Diocese of Los Angeles: Frank Arnall, Sylvia Smythe, Sterling Trenbreth and Fernando Guzman Ureña. We had volunteers to serve as Alternates if necessary, and we approved those volunteers…but the Rector failed to take names! (Kindly drop me a line

Thanks were offered to outgoing Vestry Members: Jim Balbin, José Guerrero (Jr. Warden) and John Miller.