St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino


Michael Harrigian is forming a Parish Profile Committee to develop the Parish Profile, which will be used by the Search Committee to help inform potential rector candidates about our parish. The Parish Profile Committee will use input from our History Day, the parish survey and related discussions at the parish meeting on November 4, along with independent research to create the profile, which will describe various aspects of St. Edmund’s, such as our history, finances, buildings and grounds, current staff, nursery school, programs, outreach, and music, as well as our parishioners, the surrounding community and our goals and aspirations as we seek our new rector. The committee will consist of around five people and will initiate its work in November with the goal to finalize the profile by February 2019. This should be an exciting project and will have a significant impact on the message we send to potential rectors. Anyone who is interested in signing up, or just in learning more,
is invited to contact Michael at or at his home phone,
(626) 441-0787. There will probably be a brief meeting of the committee before the November 4th parish meeting