St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

Trinity Sunday, May 31, 2015

This coming Sunday, the Feast of the Holy Trinity, is the only Sunday of the Church Year dedicated to a particular dimension of Church Teaching.

The Triune relationship within the One God is core to the Being of God, and, in Christian thought, to the fabric of reality.

In Christ, and through the movement of the Holy Spirit, we are gathered into the Body of Christ and into the relational life of God.

The Church began speaking very early of the “divinization” of humankind. Human beings are never of the Substance of the Divine, but just as a poker left in the fireplace takes on the ember glow of imparted flame, so we are meant to take on more and more of the attributes of God in Christ.

Pokers don’t try to become like the hearth-flame where they are set, it is just that they are set within the fire. So also, we may try all we want to take on the attributes of God, but it is really much more about setting ourselves in the right context, the Church-hearth, where those attributes are conferred.

Come bless God, Trinity in Unity, and Unity in Trinity, and know yourselves to be in the process of divinization.

Grace and peace,

Christianity isn’t dying, but it certainly is changing.

31% of Millennials leaving Christianity cite a perceived judgmental posture toward gay folk.

John Templeton, Jr., investing in Faith and Science, has died.

The Power of Awe

The Sacrament of Holy Baptism administered to Hilary and Juliette Pruss on the Feast of Pentecost.

High School Graduates, to be blessed on June 7th, include:

Alec Mena
Nate Rolfe
Amanda Shankwiler
Anushka Sirimane

The Parish Office requests other occasions of matriculation, celebration and festal gladness be sent to

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This week a new tile was added to the Wall behind the play yard in remembrance of a daughter of St. Edmund’s and terrific teacher in our Nursery School, Liz Stanton. Her tile is near to her mother Joan’s. Both are so missed.


Birthday prayers for Reagan Duguid, Maya Puri, Pam Risinger, and Reyna Palapa
Birthday prayers for Reagan Duguid, Maya Puri, Pam Risinger, and Reyna Palapa
Memorial Weekend patriots!
Memorial Weekend patriots!

Tori Mordecai’s amazing Pilates Classes have concluded for the year. Tori has donated all of the proceeds from classes to the Parish! Kudos to all of you dedicated to Pilate Fitness, and to star instructor Tori!