St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

Transition Updates

Father Bill is leading an effort to redesign the parish website to make it easier to use and for church staff and/or volunteers to update. It would be helpful to have a small committee of volunteers to review the new design and provide input. Anyone who is interested should contact Gail Rolfe.
The office hours are 8:30 am – 2:30 pm, but now that Gladys has left there may be periods of time when no one is there. If you have reason to come to the office, please call in advance to make sure someone will be there when you arrive. Father Bill’s office hours continue to be Tuesday through Thursday from approximately 11:00 a.m. until the early evening.
The Profile Committee, consisting of Laureen Chang, Kimberly Schugart, Cynthia and Larry Shulte, Bill Youngblood and Michael Harrigian, is working on the parish profile. The goal is to have a draft of the profile available for Vestry review at its February meeting, then submit it to the Diocese for approval and publish it for prospective candidates by April 1st. The profile will be posted on the parish website at that time as well.
The profile is expected to be approximately 25-30 pages long, and will include written information and photographs about the parish, the community and the Diocese. The committee is working closely with Fr. Bill to identify those aspects of St. Edmund’s that we might take for granted but would be highly attractive to many clergy – and, thankfully, there are many! The profile authors are developing stories highlighting specific recent activities or accomplishments that speak to the many strengths upon which the right candidates can build. Fr. Bill has also been clear that we need to be open in the profile about any challenges that a new rector may face so that we attract candidates who have gifts and experience suited to meet those challenges.
The parish website will be updated in the next three months to align with and supplement the information contained in the profile, since we realize that most candidates will investigate us further by visiting the website as well as on social media. The website design and content therefore need to be consistent with what we present in the profile. The website will also be used to present more detailed information about our parish facilities, staff, ministries and congregation than what can be included in the profile.

During this phase, it will be important to remain active in our parish life, not just in the transition events, but also by attending services regularly; participating in the summer socials, adult education and other parish ministries; keeping your pledges current; and sharing your questions and concerns with the Transition Committee.

If you have any questions about transition – changes to the services, the progress we’re making or otherwise – please feel free to ask one of the Transition Committee members – Gail Rolfe, Michael Harrigian, Amy Hulick, Debra Spaulding or Alan Steinbrecher – or the Senior Warden, Ron Harrington.