St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

Transition Update

Sunday, March 17
Do you have questions about the search process? This Sunday Gail Rolfe will host Q&A sessions following both services. The meetings will be in the chapel after the 8 am service and in the sanctuary after the 10 am service.

The process for forming a Search Committee has begun! With the expectation that the Diocese will approve our Parish Profile by April 1st, we are now accepting expressions of interest to serve on the committee from all parishioners. We welcome anyone who would like to serve, and please feel free to encourage fellow parishioners you consider to be excellent candidates to consider volunteering.
Participation on the Search Committee will require a substantial time commitment during the interview process, which will take place over the next several months. There is also the possibility of some travel to hear prospective rectors preach in their current parishes.
The Transition Committee expects to name five or six parishioners to the Search Committee.

If you are interested, or know someone who would like to be on our search committee, please fill out the Search Committee Indication of Interest form which is available through this link.

Please note: This is the corrected form and is different from what was handed out on Sunday.

Forms can also be found in the back of the chapel or the narthex of the sanctuary or on the website.

Please submit the form by March 25 to a member of the Transition Committee, leave it with Isabel in the Church office or email it to

The Parish Profile Committee is nearly finished with its work. It presented an almost-final draft of the profile to the Vestry at its last meeting. The profile received unanimous and enthusiastic Vestry support. It should be ready for Diocesan review by early March.

The Parish Profile is a document that is reviewed by those priests nationwide who are interested in our rector opening – it gives them a deeper understanding of our parish than through our website or other Diocesan materials. A final, Diocesan-approved Parish Profile is a prerequisite before a Search Committee can begin the search.