St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

The Twenty-Fifth Sunday After Pentecost, November 15th, 2015

Deborah and Bob Wycoff hosted a wonderful Legacy Society thank you event at their lovely Pasadena home Sunday last for those who have, or who are interested in learning more about, remembering the Church in their Estate planning. See glad photos HERE!

This coming Sunday we will incorporate three new Acolytes into the Acolyte Corp; Cole Stadtler, Mary-Kate Seley and James Dixon. We anticipate their formation and service in fresh duties.

More information on the 75th anniversary pilgrimage to Anglican sites, and to sites associated with St. Edmund may be found HERE. November is decision month, so if you would like to join the travel group, contact Canon Smythe, Sylvia Smythe or the parish office promptly.

Congrats to Nathan Tyler and Eisha Matsubara who wed in St. Edmund’s Chapel this past Saturday!

Christ be in you,


We offer condolence to Vestry Member Jim Balbin and the Balbin Family on the passing of Jim’s mother, Blanca Balbin; and parish secretary Isabel Roa on the passing of her grandmother Isabel Vargas. May they rest in peace and rise in glory.

If you are interested in reading the Rector’s article in the Religion section of the San Marino Tribune, it may be found on page A-10 of the pdf version.

Why you should study religion.

I mentioned a scam  by phone in last week’s Edmund’s Notes (“the Grandparent scam“), and a parishioner has since alerted me to fraudulent calls received “from the IRS”. The IRS never contacts people by phone, as a legitimate IRS site repeats HERE.

Refuse any incoming phone calls unless caller ID identifies the caller. This applies to cell phones as well as land lines.

Never conduct financial transactions by phone unless you have initiated the transaction. Do not donate to charitable organizations or political parties  by phone.

Should you answer a phone call solicitation, ask to be removed from the callers list, and then disconnect. Do not return calls to “phishing messages” left in your voice mail…this informs scammers that they have a prospect on the other end of a robo-call.

Caution applies also to incoming e-mail, which may masquerade as a friend or relative in distress, a trusted bank (complete with graphics) or service (inclusive of your internet provider) asking you to perform a function as simple as “click.” Delete. Do not open. Be suspicious and be vigilant.  Think SCAM in relation to most unsolicited contact. Think “SCAM and DANGER” if you are connected through a dating site.

The appointed lessons for next Sunday, November 15th, (Track Two).

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