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The Third Sunday in Lent, February 21st, 2016

“If a tree does not bear fruit cut it down” says the Lord in our Gospel lesson for this coming Sunday. In the parable, the gardener pleads for another year. “Okay, give the tree a little more time. Then cut it down if there is no good result.”

Lent is a time of pruning. What in your life has not born fruit? Where has the time of decision arrived for you, and what new paths must be taken? “Diakrisis,” “Discernment” is this week’s Lenten watchword. Gather that word to heart and to prayer as you journey through this week.

With prayers for a Holy Lent,

Pilate’s Mat Class with Tori Mordecai resumes March 1st (Feast of St. David of Wales) at 1:15pm!

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