St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

The Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday, March 29th, 2015

“It takes a village to raise a child,” runs the old African proverb, and St. Paul summons us to be the Body of Christ, the hands and feet of the Eternal active in earthly affairs. It takes initiative on the part of individuals and families to create community, and to create the Church to which Christ calls us, and for whom the Spirit is given.

Our Lenten Season brings us to Holy Week, the most sacred week of the Christian Year, culminating in the Feast of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ: Easter Day.

Youth are so central to our life at St. Edmund’s, and this year Spring Break ushers a great many families out of town for Holy Week and the Great Triduum, to such extent that our Youth Director Dani Patterson reports there are few Acolytes in locum tenums. And we must have abundant numbers of Acolytes for Palm Sunday and for the Great Feast of Easter!

Hence, I summon Adults who are willing to emulate our youth in servant ministry to step forward and serve as Acolytes, especially for the 10am Easter Liturgies, but also for the 10am Palm Sunday Processions. Lay Eucharistic Ministers, already equipped with albs, are especially sought.

Would you please e-mail me directly at and copy our anxious acolyte director Dani Patterson at if you would be willing to serve? We have fallow adult acolytes out and about, and I can offer swift training where needed.

Bless you, bless your early Spring hearth-fires, and bless our shared Pilgrimage to more and more know the Lord through this Lenten Season of venture, and into Eastertide!

In Christos,

SAN MARINO, CALIFORNIA: Director of Youth Ministries for St. Edmund’s Episcopal Church. Full-time experienced and enthusiastic lay person sought to develop all dimensions of parish formation for children and youth. More information may be found at the parish web-page or by contacting contact Search Chair, Sylvia Smythe.

Hello to all our Sunday school families!!! Easter Sunday is right around the corner (April 5) and we need filled plastic eggs for the Easter egg hunt. Please let Cassandra
know if you could bring a dozen or more filled eggs.

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