St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

The Sixth Sunday After Pentecost, July 5th, 2015

Shannon Boalt and Gail Rolfe once again brought Sole Hope to St. Edmund’s as a Sunday Service Project this last week, preparing shoes for Africa. Shannon Boalt, Linda Chang, LaVerne Ching, Anne Herold, Vicki Martinez, Gail Rolfe, Steve Rolfe, Michael Way and others were quite industrious in labor!

Laureen Chang and her Team have commenced planning for our 75th Anniversary year in 2016.

One possible dimension to our celebrations might be an Edmund’s 75th Heritage Tour to East Anglia and Southern England. Lavenham would be a terrific base from which to visit Bury St. Edmund’s, Cambridge and Ely Cathedral, and the Lodge at Canterbury offers perfect access to Canterbury Cathedral. London, of course, is replete with opportunity. Preliminary thinking based on discussions with families who may want to travel with youth suggest that a date after the second Wednesday in June 2016 would be optimal. If you would like to talk about a fourteen day tour commencing June 13th, 2016 let me know should you have interest, and we’ll pursue the idea!

As we approach the July 4th celebrations of our nation’s independence, it is timely that The San Marino Tribune offered a terrific salute to parishioner Bob Dini, which will give you insight to Bob’s unique service as a Veteran, and a veteran entertainer! We’re proud of you Bob!

Deck your porches with an American Flag, and bring thankful hearts for these United States to Church this coming Sunday!

Grace and peace,


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