St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

The Fourth Sunday of Easter, April 26th 2015

I’m not a pretender to sainthood apart from the general sort we’re all said to partake of, but this may still be an auspicious week to drop by Church with any dragons you need slain, what with the Feast of St. George falling on Thursday, April 23rd. I’ve tamed some dragons, slain a few, and have Father Colville for back-up.

Footloose Wednesday evening at 8pm? I have two tickets to see F.W. DeKlerk at the Distinguished Speaker Series April 22nd at The Pasadena Civic Auditorium, and am myself occupied that evening. They’re good seats, gratis, and I’ll throw in a couple of indulgences…or did we do away with those?
Shoot me an e-mail if you’d like those tickets, and Confirmation Class members are expected to show up with the answer to the pop-quiz above on Sunday afternoon.

Our much loved Youth Director graduates from Azusa Pacific early May and packs her bags for Grad School in Colorado. We are sorry to see Danielle Patterson go, but will send her forth with blessing prayers (we did not do away with those) this coming Sunday, followed by a Taco Fest on the Close. Please forgo any other plans for Brunch or Lunch…perhaps Dinner…on Sunday, as the Taco Truck Lady is terrific and offers ample corn and flour tortillas brim full with all manner of happy food.

Eastertide blessing on your pilgrim paths,

WSJ article “Why Islam Needs A Reformation”.

Archbishop Welby visits Egypt to offer prayers for murdered Christians.

Archbishop Welby’s Earth Day message.

Episcopalians/Anglicans speak in support of persecuted minorities.

Parenting Class will meet April 26 and May 10 and 24. We are reading “Brainstorm” by Daniel Siegel.

El Salvador is becoming the world’s deadliest “peace-time” country, under-scoring the importance of the work of Foundation Cristosal.

Interviews for our full-tme Director of Youth Ministries are underway, and your prayers for strong candidates and wise discernment are asked.
Should you wish to read the job description, visit the parish web-page.

The Anglican Communion website may be viewed HERE.

The appointed Lessons for The Fourth Sunday in Easter, April 26th, may be found HERE.

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