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The Fourth Sunday in Lent, March 6th, 2016

St. Edmund’s has been richly blessed by Cassandra Stadtler’s loving care and remarkable leadership in all of our Sunday School Programs through this last decade. She has shaped the lives of so many children, recruited wonderful volunteer teachers, developed innovative and effective curriculum and children’s programs, and blessed her parish in countless ways.

Cassandra, not without ambivalence, has discerned a call back into the Sunday pews. “Working with the children at St. Edmund’s has been my ultimate enjoyment and most fulfilling job. I cannot say enough wonderful things about St. Edmund’s church, the community and especially about you George. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work at St. Edmund’s these last ten years.”

Cassandra looks forward to other forms of service at St. Edmund’s Parish, though for a time she would just like to worship in the pew!

We will celebrate Cassandra’s ministry on April 17th. Mark your calendars, and meanwhile
express your love and gratitude for her fine service!

With prayers for a Holy Lent,

Pilate’s Mat Class with Tori Mordecai resumes March 1st (Feast of St. David of Wales) at 1:15pm!

The lessons for The Fourth Sunday in Lent, March 6th, 2016.

More than 10,000 individual handwritten parchment folios belonging to the Archbishops of York between 1225 and 1650 have been digitally scanned and are now being made available online.

How the presidential candidates line up on Faith

This past Sunday we blessed at God’s Altar five purificators donated by Carrie Ford, and a Corporal and lavabo towel donated by Diane McCracken. Our Altar Guild members are radiant and devoted and through the gift of their ministry lead us to worship in the beauty of holiness.

Parents need to Let Their Emotions Out

Read “The Lead” from Episcopal Café.

Religion on the Campaign Trail

Next Tuesday, March 8, will be breakfast time at the Hennacy homestead. RSVP Hal & Marguerite. We’d love to share this occasion of fellowship and study together with you. Last month, Chuck Currey brightened our company; we hope he will join us again! Robert Mueller is looking a lot better, so we hope to welcome him back. Who might you invite to join us? -Fr. Colville

Bethlehem Handcrafts will be with us on Palm Sunday

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