St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

The Fifth Sunday after Pentecost, June 28th, 2015

This week, with the racist murders at Emanuel AME in Charleston, South Carolina, and with the Roman Catholic papal encyclical on climate change (see link below) we are reminded that Faith is entwined in integral ways with the human project, and the divide between “politics and religion” non-existent.

There is a separation, intentionally held at St. Edmund’s, between Faith and partisanship, the latter a bane of contemporary American experience, often co-opting the former in its service.

Anglican theological and ethical teaching impels us to think deeply and pray fervently regarding environmental issues, racism, societal violence, and much else; and, having prayed much and reflected toward healthful directions…to then take personal and communal action. This is easier when we reach the same conclusions, which, of course, we never do. But stumble forward we must!

The past three Archbishops of Canterbury have been outspoken, and thoughtfully so, on environmental issues, as has our own Primate (a marine biologist prior to ordination). The bishop of Rome has stronger voice, and I am keen to reflect further with all of you once I have more surely engaged his recent encyclical “Laudate Si.”

My initial read leaves me feeling that the pontiff rather underestimates the value of capitalism in lifting many millions from poverty, and, while raising a righteous and needful banner regarding stewardship of the environment, falls rather shy on practical implementation.

What a service the Argentine pontiff has done, though, to successfully articulate that stewardship of the environment is core to any Christian Ethic meriting such appelation.

The hateful and intended assassination of the Reverend Clementa Pinckney, Emanuel’s pastor and a South Carolina State Senator, together with eight of his parishioners, during Bible Study, is so appalling as to require second breath.

I am not so inclined toward forgiveness as many of the murderer’s victims, which is surely to my discredit.

The storm on Galilee, recalled in the readings from Pentecost Four June 21st, remind us that the Lord, having calmed immediate circumstance, demanded greater Faith and action from those quaking disciples in the tossed and tinder boat.

We, like them, must venture rough waters, and do so with Faith, and rising to those actions which Faith demands.

Grace and peace,


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