St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

Summer Socials

Bellini Brunch at the Dini’s on a recent Sunday were so enjoyed that no photo was taken! Enjoying Nancy and Bob’s hospitality were: Marguerite Hennacy, Billie Youngblood-Knolle, Joey and Bob Mueller, Deborah and Bob Wycoff (no photos taken)

A glad event occured also at Jan and Charlie Haupt’s home — Sunday, August 21, with Cheryl and Gary Mendoza, Carlene and John Miller, and Joey and Bob Mueller joining Jan and Charlie is festive mode! (no photos taken)

Sylvia and Colville Smythe host, on August 9th: Joel Athey, Heather Blackstone and Alipio, Linda Chang, Laverne Chang, Tony Faught, Patti Specht!

Constance Burge and Bob Packer host, on August 27th: Joel Athey, Mike Mathis, Nancy and Bob Dini, Sylvia and Colville Smythe, Patty Tsai-Thurlow and Brad Thurlow, GFW+