St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

Summer Socials

On August 12th, at Carlene and John Miller’s home: Larry Schulte, Patty Tsai-Thurlow, John Miller, Linan Ukropina, Cynthia Schulte, Bill Ukropina, Carlene Miller…and behind the camera, Brad Thurlow!

Lisa and Richard DeLorimier host: (Left to Right) Rich De Lorimier, Robin Puri, Spencer Woodman, Carolyn Seitz, Lisa De Lorimier, Arvind Puri, Cynthia Woodman, George Seitz. All were out sailing on Newport Bay prior, and hence, very relaxed!

Wine Tasting and dinner at the Rectors August 20th: Andy Candelaria, Nancy and Bob Dini, Dave Ford, Jane and Tom Glover, Veronica and Jose Guerrero, Jan and Charlie Haupt, Mother Judy Heffron, Beth Hershenhart, Amy Hulick, Mike Mathis, Diane and Ed McCracken, Julie and John Quinn, Gail and Steve Rolfe, Sheree Tyler, Stacy Woodward, Deborah and Bob Wycoff

Debra and Brian Spaulding host: Cammie and Brien Fox, Amy Hulick, Sylvia and Mark Stuart, Antionette and Craig Newman (with Craig’s sister, visiting from Belgium), Alison Ni, Shawna and James Phelan, and their families on August 21st!