St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino


The next activity in this, the second phase of our transition to a new rector, will be small group meetings during which parishioners will complete a survey. The purpose of the survey is to allow everyone to share their expectations for our mutual ministry at St. Edmund’s and their perceptions of how these expectations can best be accomplished. The results of the survey will guide the yet-to-be formed Search Committee in identifying the rector candidate who best fits our needs.
The groups will be comprised of about ten members and a facilitator. They will meet at various times beginning next Sunday, August 5th, and continue until mid-September. Most often they will meet either at 9:00am on Sundays or after the 10:00am service. The meetings will last approximately one hour.
After all the meetings have been held the results will be tabulated and presented to the parish before the Search Committee is formed. That meeting will focus on what the results of our survey might indicate about our future. Father Bill will attend to provide his perspective, having served as interim rector several times before.
Sign-up sheets for the small group meetings are in the Narthex. Please choose a convenient time to meet, and please do attend and complete the survey. It is our hope that all active parishioners complete this survey as soon as possible; we will be making a special effort to reach out to parishioners who have not yet been able to participate once most parishioners seem to have completed the survey. It is very important to our parish that we obtain as wide a consensus as possible about our desired future and the kind of rector we want to help lead us to it.
If you would like to reserve a spot in a small group meeting and cannot make it to church to sign up, contact Michael Harrigian at (626) 441-0787 or