St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

Service Sundays!

Local & Global Partnership: March 15th90e2bcb4-42ac-4bed-93ad-488448b9fa94

The Local & Global Partnership Committee is initiating a new service opportunity for St. Edmunds’ parishioners of all ages. Once each quarter we will host a Service Sunday at St. Edmunds’ to work on a particular service project. Your participation can be shaped in whatever way best suits you: stay for a few minutes or stay for the full hour. Come once, come always or just whenever you can. No prior commitment required, just a willingness to provide a few minutes of your time working on a service project and catching up with fellow parishioners.

The first Service Sunday will be Sunday, March 15, in Fellows Hall right after the 10:00 service. We will be preparing small bags of toiletries, nonperishable food and other helpful supplies for homeless folks. The bags can be used by St. Edmunds’ office staff in order to provide a compassionate response to those folks who regularly show up in the church office asking for money or other forms of relief. The bags will also include a list of area service organizations that can provide longer-term relief. Come see how easy service can be! Light beverages and snacks will be provided.