St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

Pentecost Three, June 5th, 2016

Our Nursery School Board hosted a lovely backyard soiree in gratitude for our teachers this past Wednesday evening at the home of Gina Cockriel. Board Chair Lisa Cloud and School Director Darlene Porter honored long-serving and now retiring teachers Sharon Medeiros and Sue Wickham.

Parish representative Debra Spaulding and the Rector both thought the evening went very well.

SENS (St. Edmund’s Nursery School) is such an important aspect of our parish mission, and I hope you will lose no chance to tell our Director and Teachers of our admiration and respect.

Wishing you moments of prayer and reflection this Memorial Day, as we remember before God those who have died in military service to our nation.

Grace and peace,

PRAYERS: Word comes that Carolyn Anne Price Dyer has been placed on hospice care and your prayers are asked. Carolyn is resting comfortably. Predeceased by Clark Dyer, Carolyn and Clark were members of St. Edmund’s from 1965 – 2000 when they retired to the Santa Cruz area.

CONDOLENCE to Mark Masters on the death of his father Dan Masters, to Debra Bartolomeo on the death of her mother Loraine Bartholomew, and to Bob Dini on the death of his brother Dick Dini. May they + Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory

Parishioner Shawna Phelan recently completed the St. Edmund’s Nursery School “Little Free Library” on the steps to the DeKruif Building!

SHEREE TYLER is retiring after a long career of outstanding service in the San Marino Unified School District!

NANCY ADAMS has concluded a very successful term of office as the Chair of the SENS Executive Committee, and St. Edmund’s Nursery School and Vestry are very grateful for her leadership.

CANTERBURY CATHEDRAL: A one hour BBC tour with the previous Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams

SUMMER SUPPER SOCIALS! If you would like to participate as a guest or host in our summer events (picnics, pool parties, lunches, dinner parties as hosts determine) please contact committee chair Nancy Dini.

A walk-through of the renovated Rectory will be offered later in June (not June 5th!). TO BE ANNOUNCED. The Rectory is near-ready for lease.

MEN’S GROUP: Next time will be July 19, so mark your calendar and look forward to enjoying the Hennacy’s hospitality in midsummer.

PILATES CLASS: The Tuesday Class concludes for the summer with the last Tuesday in May…the 31st.

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Jim Longthorne recently mentored Olivia Harrigian on her senior project. Olivia decided to launch a weather balloon for her project…a complicated endeavor. Parishioner Jim Longthorne met with Olivia on several occasions, researched various aspects of the project, and, using his extensive background in radio, obtained a radio beacon to help track the balloon location. He then took an entire day, starting 6:00am and ending around 10:00 pm, to accompany Olivia in launching the balloon from the Bakersfield area and eventually trying to retrieve it when it landed (their pickup site was supposed to be around Boron in the high desert (the balloon ended up landing in the hills above Tehachapi!). Olivia’s powerpoint and blog received rave reviews. Thanks Jim and congrats Olivia!