St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

PENTECOST FIFTEEN, September 17th, 2017

I fairly lived at the Prado in Madrid this summer. I’m certain I might qualify as a guide. Not everyone likes the ‘Pinturas Obscura, The Black Paintings’ from Francisco de Goya y Lucientes ‘late period,’ but they are among my favorites.

One of those paintings portrays Saturn devouring his son (1823), a war
-informed take on an ancient Greek myth.

We seem pretty keen on devouring one another in the United States these days, most recently turning on ‘Dreamers,’ whom folk of good will had best defend.

There is no easy answer as to how to circumvent the larger cycle of antipathy in whose hurricane-force vortex we seem locked.

The Christ offers suggestions in this coming week’s Propers:
The Lessons for Pentecost Fifteen (Track Two), September 17th, 2017 HERE

Our office phones remain dead, there demise anticipated, but un-redressed. Vestrymember Jennifer Sherry has taken us in hand, and we should be back up and running by end of week. She has given many hours to this effort.

So many of you give so many hours and so much effort in so many and various ways. And so you should. Commitment to Christ entails commitment to the extension of His ongoing ministry.

Just this last week we reveled in a breakfast from dedicated Chef Julie Quinn, Summer Socials now complete and courtesy of Nancy Dini. We benefit enormously from those serving on our Executive Committee for St. Edmund’s Nursery School (Heather Blackstone, Nancy Dini, Gail Rolfe, Debra Spaulding), the Finance Committee in session this Wednesday, and the Vestry meeting next Thursday. Meanwhile, our Verger will work, and our Head Usher and his Team be on-point; our sound-board will be dutifully attended, our Choir shall sound-forth, our Altar Guild labor, and our Acolytes, who need more sleep than they get, will show up and march. The list wends on, and then some more. We are a community of Faith, and our Faith motivates selfless dedication. We’ve taken our Vows, and we see them through with Joy and Result.

Toward the elevation of that Faith and in ways serving non-parishioner families, I encourage your participation this coming October 8th, as, through a time-sensitive and well-crafted Mass, we Install the Fourth Head of St. Edmund’s Parish Nursery School, Liz Westphal, (with Susan Heard’s Mimosas on the Close following.) Visiting Nursery School families will be encouraged to consider affiliation as they find themselves among a celebratory hoarde.

For the Love of Christ,

“O Good God, within Whom occurs the order of Time and Event, with instruction given that we are to intercede for those in any distress or trouble, thereby participating in Providential care and relief; quicken our prayers and actions for those suffering from natural disaster, and make us useful for their well-being, through Jesus Christ, who walked our earthly path. Amen.”

The Lovely Home shared by Sylvia and Colville Smythe is now on market, and may be seen HERE

Pray for beloveds Cheryl Mendoza (scheduled for heart surgery September 13) and Gary Mendoza (scheduled for surgery September 21), both in ravaged Orlando, that surgery might be on offer and succeed.

Congratulations to Philip Wayne Tyler and Anastasia Merinova, married at St. Edmund’s Sunday September 3rd.

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