St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino
Vigil Light in Chapel

Our Evolving Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dear Friends, Last week we were going forward trying to keep things normal and in just a few days’ time, things went drastically toward the “not normal”. We are adapting daily, and your commitment and good natured participation of keeping in community is inspiring! I’m excited to say that we had 240 people tune in to our Morning Prayer service on You Tube this past Sunday! To view the service, please click HERE.

Today Bishop Taylor issued a new directive:

This week, we confront a substantially changed landscape. A consensus has formed that self-isolation is the only way to blunt the pandemic. The federal government and some local authorities now discourage or ban all gatherings of more than ten people. The State of California has asked those 65 years old and older to self-quarantine. As a result, I am now working at home, while giving thanks for all who are enduring massive disruption in their lives for the sake of those who are most at risk.

For these reasons, I am suspending all in-person worship in the Diocese of Los Angeles at least through Easter Day, April 12. This restriction also applies to all on-campus meetings, Bible studies, fellowship meals, and other activities.

In order to keep our community and those around us healthy and safe, we will continue to suspend our Sunday services until further notice. We will continue to offer remote services via YouTube or via another platform. Stay-tuned for additional information regarding these services as we continue to work and do our best to make the worship experience even better than it was last Sunday. I regret to say that there will be no Wednesday night suppers and Lenten Series going forward.

As we continue to monitor this crisis and adapt, we are looking at creative ways to offer you a sense of community and spiritual balm despite our current limitations. Know also that we are actively looking at ways to improve our broadcast quality and technology as we go forward.

A gentle reminder: As this is certainly not “business as usual” the parish still has usual operating expenses. If you normally give on Sundays as the plates are passed, please consider mailing your pledges and contributions to:

St. Edmund’s Episcopal Church
PO Box 80038,
San Marino, CA 91118.