St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino


The Profile Committee, consisting of Laureen Chang, Kimberly Schugart, Cynthia and Larry Shulte,
Bill Youngblood and Michael Harrigian, is working on the parish profile. The goal is to have a draft for Vestry review at its February meeting. We will then submit it to the Diocese for approval and publish it for prospective candidates by April 1st. The profile will be posted on the parish website at that time as well.
The profile will include written information and photographs about the parish, the community and the Diocese.
The parish website will be updated in the next three months to align with and supplement the information contained in the profile. The website will be used to present more detailed information about our parish facilities, staff, ministries and congregation than what can be included in the profile.
Questions have been raised about when a search committee will be formed. Since that committee can’t begin its work until the parish profile and related materials are approved by the Diocese, the search committee will be formed probably sometime in March. We will announce more about the process of forming the search committee closer to that time.