St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

Live From St. Edmund’s

Dear Friends,
We are pleased to be able to livestream our services in real time beginning this Sunday the 11th for our friends who are watching from home. These services will be live at 10am on YouTube and will be available for viewing after the fact as well. Our previously edited weekly services on YouTube continue to be a source of comfort and engagement for several in our congregation who cannot be with us in person. I believe that this live experience will bring all of us together in a more meaningful way!
Please be aware of the following:
While we will attempt to focus mainly on those participating in the service, anyone sitting in the first 5 rows near the center aisle may or may not be seen on camera during certain portions of the service.
As is always the case with new technology, it may take a few tries to get it right! Thank you to our team for figuring it all out and for working to make sure this experience is as meaningful as possible: Michael Harrigian, Danny Jones, Nancy Kirhoffer and Nate Smith. Please also welcome this Sunday Ivan Brizuela who is joining our team and who will be a regular up in the balcony every Sunday. A formal introduction of Ivan to follow!