St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

Lenten Suppers

16a93c7c-d564-4148-a004-0e475478b041If you would like to host one of the three remaining Lenten Suppers, please contact the Parish office.

We’ll meet at 4:30 for reflections on our Lenten Study book, written this year by by former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams. The Archbishop explores four substrate components of Christian life.

February 21: We consider “Holy Baptism”
(Lisa & Richard De Lorimier hosting supper)
February 28: “Holy Scripture”
(Michelle Harrington hosting supper)
March 6: “Holy Eucharist”
(Cheryl & Gary Mendoza hosting supper)
March 13: “Common Prayer”
(Julie & John Quinn hosting supper)
March 20th: Framing discourse on ‘Being Christian’

Please purchase the book on your own:

Archives bookstore on Foothill Boulevard
Vromans bookstore on Colorado Boulevard

Palm Sunday afternoon March 20th, our session will hold special value for those traveling on the Edmund Heritage Tour to England in June as we consider ‘Being Christian’ in light of our pending lunch and discussion Archbishop Williams