St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

Job Board

HOUSEKEEPER: I’m writing all of you in the hope that you or someone you know might need a really good house keeper one or two days a week.

Elvira Garcia has been working for us for many years and we think she is wonderful. She also works for two other St Edmunds members, the Hennacy’s and Rusty McDonnell and I think they would second my recommendation.

She is honest, hard working, dependable and nice to have around. She doesn’t need much direction; she knows how to clean house, wash and iron, clean windows that are reachable, and generally keep our house in tip top shape. A person she has been working for just died and so she has two days a week free. So if you need such a person or know someone who does, please let me know and I could have Elvira come and see you for an interview. Thanks for thinking about this. –Bob Wycoff.

GARDENER: Lyon Lee ( Tori and Al Mordecai’s gardener) has found a new place to live, but he could still use more work. If you’re ready for more than mow and blow, and you’d like a kind, conscientious, meticulous gardener, Lyon is your man. Call Tori for details.

CARETAKER POSITION: Jay Hualde, Jane Lima’s terrific live-in nurse for many years, is available for a care-giver position. The Rector has her contact information, and thinks highly of her work and person.