St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

Holy Eucharist for The Fourth Sunday After Pentecost

Bishop John Harvey Taylor invites the diocesan community to join him for a diocese-wide bilingual (English and Spanish) online service of Holy Eucharist with prayers for spiritual communion and a homily on Sunday, June 28, at 10am.

The service will be streamed live on Bishop Taylor’s Facebook page as well as the Diocese of Los Angeles Facebook page. The service also will be available on the diocesan website A link to the service leaflet is here:

“Besides giving me a chance to greet the whole diocese and reflect on these momentous months in our church and nation, the idea is to offer those in charge of congregations and worship a breather just for one weekend,” said Bishop Taylor.

“These have been emotionally and physically exhausting times for all,” Taylor continued. “Our deacons and priests in congregations have not always been able to be attentive to the requirement and blessing of sabbath. This is a chance for them to attend worship – or go for a long walk or a socially-distanced breakfast! – instead of organizing worship. Any church that wants to go forward with its Sunday worship by all means should please do so.”

Prayers of the diocesan community continue for all affected by the global COVID-19 crisis, and in solidarity with justice advocates locally and nationwide.