St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

The Fourth Sunday After Pentecost, July 2nd, 2017

Have you noticed? When Father George went on sabbatical, he left a parting gift for us in the 10:00 liturgy: consecration prayers which are exquisitely aligned with a theme from each Sunday’s readings—so the prayer is fresh every week!
In the eucharist, the consecration prayer is the one the priest prays while standing at the altar, asking God to send the Holy Spirit to bless our communion bread and wine that they may become for us the living presence of Christ. Our new individualized consecration prayers feature a main theme from the lessons of the particular Sunday for which each is composed. Each prayer is shaped in three paragraphs.
The first paragraph addresses God using adjectives evocative of that day’s scripture. It recalls aspects of our spiritual history, to draw us close to God in prayer.
The second paragraph is the epiclesis. In language familiar to us, it calls down God’s Holy Spirit to bless our bread and wine.
The third paragraph takes up Sunday’s theme again, detailing particular situations and people who need to be lifted, lightened and led by God’s Holy Spirit.
I invite you to reflect on this consecration prayer language Sunday by Sunday at 10:00 this summer, so that you may receive it as a blessing and a gift.
In Christ’s love,
Canon Colville Smythe+

The lessons appointed for July 2, 2017 are here.

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