St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

The Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost, August 20th, 2017


Last weekend doctors, dentists and pharmacists along with special volunteers, Janice and Reyna Palapa traveled to three dump sites in Tijuana, Mexico. In addition to offering much needed medical services, volunteers played games with kids and passed out 75 backpacks donated by St. Edmund’s and filled with school supplies. The needs are plentiful, the living conditions horrendous but Healing Hearts brings hope and care to families who are so appreciative.

This last photo is from a site where residents do not have
electricity and water has to be brought in by tubs. As they also lack a school, students are tutored by a local priest using the supplies donated by our church.

We owe tremendous thanks to all who contributed to make this endeavor possible:

Marguerite & Hal Hennacy
Debra & Brian Spaulding
Anne & Bob Herold
Denise Wadsworth
Carrie & David Ford
Pam & Bob Risinger
Jan & Charlie Haupt

Our In Kind Donors:
Laureen Chang & Family
The anonymous donors of two bags full of wonderful school supplies.

We have begun collecting items for our November trip, items can be brought to the church office or the narthex.

Anne Herold, Pam Risinger and the board of HHAB thank everyone for continuing to help our neighbors in need.

– Rev. Heather Blackstone

The lessons appointed for August 20, 2017 are here.

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