St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino


Thank you Ron and Michelle Harrington
for hosting the beautiful alter guild tea this past Sunday. St. Edmund’s has a peerless guild, thanks to the leadership of Diane McCracken. Please be sure to thank all our guild members whose tireless work ensures worship is seamless every Sunday and every holiday.

Team 1
Debra Spaulding
Mary Beth Grannell
Veronica Guerrero
Natalia Hicks
Angela Mar
Patti Specht

Team 2
Diane McCracken
Karen Harrigian
Karie Henley
Tori Mordicai
Yvette Nikoui
Joyce Sirimane

Team 3
Eli Moreton
Donna Balbin
Sallie Pritchard
Anne Sirimane
Laverne Cheng
Kathy Pilgrim-Hall

Team 4
Cynthia Schulte
Rebecca Duguid
Pam Payne
Darcy Wilson-Jones

Team 5
Carrie Becker-Ford
Jan Haupt
Pat Schlanser
Diane McCracken