St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

Advent Three, December 14th, 2014

Novel Pack enjoyed a happy pre-Christmas Party at Pam Risinger’s December 2nd, with our very own novelist Dianne Dixon presenting. During the course of festivities, a letter arrived from Santa for convener Sylvia Smythe:

Dear Sylvia,
It has come to my attention here at the North Pole that you think your Novel Pack is full of thoughtful people with many interesting ideas. In a note to me, the Pack has told me you are a most inspirational leader, lighting the way much as Rudolph leads my sleigh. They say you are hardworking, dynamic, and so caring. My elves don’t work any harder than you as both leader and secretary.

Your active Pack wanted to show their thanks for all you have done. So I have brought you a special Novel Pack gift for you and your grateful Pack, to keep them in their place.

Also, I placed a special bell choir conducting gift under the tree, and your own “large book”. Please add this heavy reading to your family collection! I trust it is large enough to not get lost!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa

I’m not sure what all went on at Novel Pack, though I know Pam Risinger distributed bookmarks adorned with Howling Wolves, as Sylvia brought one for me to Diocesan Convention!

Santa ought also to write our Choir and our Organist and Choirmaster Rob Hovencamp to belt out their praises for an impressive Advent Lessons & Carols on December 7th. We are remarkably blessed by the music to which we worship. In lieu of a note from Santa, join your thanks to mine when you see Rob and the Choir!

Venite Adoremus Dominum,

Parishioner Jeff Doba is acting in “A Little House Christmas” at the Sierra Madre Playhouse through December 23rd!


  • Parish Breakfast 9am
  • Advent Class 9am
  • Christmas Pageant Choir Practice: 9:25am
  • Blessing of the Advent Wreath 8am and 10am
  • 7pm Parenting Class

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