St Edmund's Episcopal Church San Marino

Advent One, November 30th 2014

As we commence the new Liturgical Year this coming Sunday, we leave behind our Gospel focus on St. Matthew, and commence a Gospel focus on St. Mark, with the Lectionary Cycle of Scripture readings carrying us through new depths of Wisdom Literature, prophetic proclamations, Epistles, and a fresh view on the teachings of the Christ we strive to follow.

Our resident lay monastic, Brother Michael Manley Hopkins Jones, an Associate of the Order of the Holy Cross, one of the largest Orders of Episcopalian monks, and his lovely wife Tiffany Cheung Jones, have prepared for us a variety of Holy Cards to assist devotion, available at the Tract Rack, together with the wide assortment of devotional materials regularly provided by parishioner Pamela Payne.

For a necessary fee, the Tiffany and Michael Jones’ family have made available 30 sets of Anglican Prayer beads, known as Chaplets, with an accompanying pamphlet describing how Chaplets may be prayed. The pamphlet will shortly be a down-loadable feature on our web-site, but is commencing this coming Sunday in hard-form on the Close with a cost-covering purchase of any Chaplet at $20 each.

Advent offers spiritual foundation and quiet in an otherwise harried season, and I encourage you to anchor in Christ and Church as we pray ourselves toward the celebration of the Incarnation of our Saviour.

Do mark your calendars for Advent Lessons and Carols, 7:30pm the Second Sunday of Advent, as our Choir is joined by members of the Los Angeles Opera and the Los Angeles Master Chorale for Anthems interspersed by hymns sung by the gathered, selected Advent Scripture readings, and rather extraordinary exhibitions of the power of our Aeolian-Skinner/Rosales Pipe Organ as Organist and Choirmaster Robert Hovencamp engages our hearts and minds and souls with soaring worship, as described a bit further on below. Sweet and Savory cater our Reception following, with excellent wine again provided by parishioner Robert Packer.

Venite Adoremus Dominum,


  • Christmas Pageant Choir Practice: 9:25am
  • Advent Class on the Close
  • Blessing of the Advent Wreath
  • Blessing of new Advent Vestments (Olive Kemp)
  • Leave-Taking for the Fakonas Family

The appointed Lessons (Track Two) to be used for Advent One may be found HERE.

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Brian Tyler (Wide Ranging Pilot that he is!) connected with our former Assistant, the Reverend Giovan King, at St. Christophers Kailua, Hawaii, where she and husband Tom are doing terrific work! Aloha received via Brian, and returned to Giovan and Tom!

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